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Vinyl flooring offers the look of other materials, such as wood and tile, without the cost or the maintenance requirements of these home flooring options. Today, luxury vinyl tile is popular in residential homes, rental units, office buildings, and more, offering a versatile and durable flooring option with unparalleled aesthetics. Carpet & Wood Floor Liquidators is proud to offer one of the largest inventories of luxury vinyl floor tiles in Maryland—our flooring experts will be happy to help you with the tile installation for your home or office with the right flooring option for your needs.

Major Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile

Vinyl floors offers the aesthetics you want, along with many other benefits that tile and wooden flooring can’t match. Selecting luxury vinyl tile for your floors offers the best of both worlds in terms of value and appearance.

  • Vinyl flooring is warmer and softer underfoot than tile, creating a more physically
  • comfortable environment in kitchens and bathrooms where you may spend long periods of time standing.
  • Tile and wood flooring can be susceptible to stains, scratches, and damage from dropped
  • objects. Luxury vinyl tile is more resistant to damage and staining; if a piece of flooring is
  • damaged, it is much easier and less expensive to replace than even a small area of tile or hardwood.
  • Vinyl tile flooring is lightweight and can easily accommodate irregularities in your
  • subfloor. This means that vinyl flooring can be used in any area or on any floor of your home,
  • making it more versatile than other flooring options.

Caring for Your Vinyl Floor

Luxury vinyl floor tiles require very little care to look its best. When you opt for vinyl floors instead of tile or hardwood, you’ll spend less time cleaning, caring for, and worrying about the effects of time and traffic on your floor.

  • Sweep or vacuum your floor once a week to remove surface dirt and dust; turn the beater
  • brush function off to avoid scuffing the floor.
  • Address spills promptly, which will make them easier to clean and reduce the likelihood of
  • staining.
  • Mop the floor periodically with a soft mop and a product designed for use with vinyl
  • flooring.
  • Never move furniture across the floor without placing down a protective mat or piece of
  • wood first.
  • Place non-staining felt floor protectors beneath chairs and any other furnishings that are moved often to prevent scuffs and scratches.

Are you ready for your vinyl flooring installation? You can reach Carpet & Wood Floor Liquidators by calling (410) 401-9922 for a free flooring estimate or to find out more about our inventory of vinyl, laminate, tile, carpet, and hardwood in Baltimore.

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