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Solid hardwood flooring lends an elegance to your home that few flooring options can. Not only is it a great match for just about any décor, but the color, patterns and designs can be a very personal choice. Even though there are limitations to its use in certain rooms, it has a lifespan that is unmatched by many other materials.

The Durability of Hardwood

You might think that the harder and denser the wood species is, the better the durability rating. While there is a good amount of truth to that, other factors come into play as well. For instance, the finish plays a big role in durability as well. Polyurethane creates a strong layer of protection, as does aluminum oxide, which is often used. Even an oil
finish adds to the lifespan of most hardwoods.

Gloss or Matte Finish Hardwood?

The “wow factor” that comes with most hardwood floors often lies in the high gloss finish. However, many homeowners are opting for a matte finish. It doesn’t take nearly the amount of maintenance to keep it up, yet protects the finish and looks great. Matte finishes also help to mask light scratches and small dents, since less light is reflected from the surface.

Staining or All-Natural Wood Floors?

The natural color of hardwood floors is often enough for most people. In fact, that’s why most homeowners go with a specific species in the first place. This is especially the case with cherry, which has a unique reddish pink tint that sets it apart from other hardwoods.

However, some people like to add a particular stain to their hardwoods. Some species hold a stain better than others do. Make sure to speak to your flooring dealer if this is an option you prefer in your hardwood floor.

Solid or Engineered Hardwood?

All of the topics previously mentioned are feasible for either solid or engineered hardwood. Most engineered wood already comes with an excellent top coat. This often eliminates the need for staining or other types of finishing.

Engineered hardwoods can even be refinished a couple of times, adding to their lifespan. The real deciding factor for some homeowners, however, lies in the fact that engineered hardwood can be used in any room of the house. Even basements are not off limits for engineered flooring.

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