Luxury Vinyl Tile: Is It Right for Your Apartment Building?

Luxury vinyl flooring offers the look of various flooring materials with the benefits of vinyl. Are you thinking about luxury vinyl tile for your property’s flooring installation in Baltimore? If so, then there are several questions to consider before selecting this material for your building. Vinyl - Swatches

Do you want durable flooring for your apartment building?

When selecting commercial flooring material, one important consideration is durability. Your new flooring will have to stand up to daily use in your apartments. Also, it may be subject to abuse from spills, dragged furniture, and dropped items. Luxury vinyl tile is resistant to damage like stains, scratches, and dents, making it an ideal choice for living areas.

Do you want something that feels more comfortable than hardwood?

Many people love the look of wood flooring. However, this material can feel hard and cold underfoot, particularly in the winter months. If you want to offer your tenants the look of hardwood but the warmer and softer texture of vinyl, then luxury vinyl flooring could be perfect for your building.

Do you need to add flooring to above or below-grade areas?

When considering your options for new flooring, you are likely to find that various materials have different installation requirements. For example, not all flooring can tolerate irregularities in the subfloor or be installed on any level. Luckily, luxury vinyl tile is incredibly accommodating and can be installed over a wide range of subfloors and at any level in your building.

Do you want low-maintenance flooring for your building?

When it comes to running an apartment business, it’s important to manage your operational costs. For this reason, it makes sense to choose a flooring material that is not only durable and long-lasting but easy to care for as well. To look its best, luxury vinyl tile requires a minimal amount of upkeep, making it a great option for both the apartments and communal areas of your building.

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