How to Maintain Stone Flooring

Whether you are receiving new home flooring or you already have stone flooring in your Baltimore house, it is never too late to learn to maintain it correctly. Stone flooring is only as strong and beautiful as its maintenance. By limiting the amount of dirt that is tracked into your home and other simple maintenance tricks, your stone floors will last for many years. Here is a better look at how to maintain your stone flooring: stone - flooring

Reduce Sand and Dirt

Though stone is a tough and durable flooring choice, abrasive materials can damage the surface. Sand and dirt are highly abrasive and the common culprits behind scratches and defects. Reduce the amount of sand and dirt that enters your home by placing rugs at each entrance and removing shoes by the front door. Clean your dust mop, vacuum, or broom after each use to reduce past dirt damaging your flooring.

Use Proper Cleaning Techniques

In addition to abrasive sand and dirt, abrasive and acidic cleansers should never be used on stone. Vinegar, lemon juice, and ammonia will dull your stone floors and damage the grout. When you vacuum, refrain from using the beater bar because the bristles may scratch the stone. Speak with your flooring company about the proper products and cleaning techniques to keep your stone floors shiny and beautiful.

Maintain Grouts and Seals

Grout holds your stone tiles together, and it creates a strong seal against moisture invading hard-to-reach areas of your floors. The grout should be maintained correctly to ensure it does not degrade. If there are defects or it does degrade, apply new grout soon. If your stone is highly porous, then you will need to reseal the tiles periodically. This ensures that spills cannot penetrate and irreparably stain the stone.

Move Furniture Wisely

Just as abrasive and acidic materials will scratch stone, so too can heavy furniture. When you must move heavy or large pieces of furniture, ask strong friends to help. Keep all furniture feet and your stone flooring protected with furniture pads or a throw rug. This will reduce any accidental scratches or dings.

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