How Often Should Carpet in Rental Units Be Replaced?

Carpeting is an affordable and beautiful flooring option found in most rental units. The right kind of carpet near Baltimore can stand up to many years of foot traffic and accidental spills. However, a carpet installation is only as strong as its maintenance. When carpeting is not maintained, or it has reached the end of its long life, then it should be replaced. Let’s take a better look at what can damage carpeting and how often it should be replaced in rental units.

Rental units and rental properties are typically governed by state or federal regulations, so consult with a qualified flooring company to determine an exact timeline of replacement. Certain carpet brands and designs are strong enough to withstand the traffic and stains that can come with rental properties. Carpets in rental units should have nylon or polyester fibers because they will resist tearing or damage. Rental units should also come with stain-resistant carpets because it will maintain its look and quality throughout several tenancies. If a carpet is not maintained properly, or it is of poor quality, then it will likely be replaced within a few short years. To avoid constant replacement costs, choose a durable carpet.

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